Complete email encryption service. Peace of mind for your organisation, customers and suppliers.

We provide industry-leading email security solutions for business, educational institutions and government to help ensure privacy, build digital trust and comply with EU & UK privacy laws like GDPR.

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We provide comprehensive email encryption services to keep your private data safe and compliant with EU & UK law.

For Business

For protecting personal data related to staff, or commercially sensitive data with clients and suppliers whilst complying with GDPR.

For Education & Schools

Used by over 150 schools in the UK and RoI, for protecting personal data relating to students and staff.

For Government & Public Sector

For protecting personal data related to individuals and suppliers whilst complying with GDPR.

100% compatible with your existing email infrastructure.

Including Microsoft Exchange, Google G Suite email, Office 365 and any SMTP compliant email system.


Pie Security's Email Solution stands out as a successful supplier because of David's flexible and open approach to questions - no question is too small nor too big. The product is solidly built and development work has ensured that it is growing from strength to strength. I am looking forward to test out the next tool in message withdrawal.

I would like to thank Pie Security for the excellent service and help that they provide and continue to do so. Their response and knowledge helps our company function to its highest standards. The support team are very contactable, by email or phone, and will always respond to us very quickly. I know we pay for the service, but l can say they go beyond this, and we have good value for our money. Thank you, David + team.

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School Improvement Adviser
(IT & Strategic Education Business)
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Email security has never been so important what with new EU & UK privacy regulations like GDPR, cybercriminal attacks and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic putting the whole office online.

Securing your existing email system is the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your online organisation today.