October is European Cyber Security Month


With October being the 10th Annual European Cyber Security Month, we thought it would be a good idea to summarise some key principles and recent cyber security industry updates. We will also cover some events and activities over the month you can participate in as part of an international programme of cyber security related content both online and in person.

Information and practices around cybersecurity can seem daunting and difficult to implement when you start researching which is why we aim to help break it down into more manageable strategies and easy to implement policy and best practice ideas.  Whether you are a cybersecurity and information security expert or an SME or individual jut starting out online and seeking to protect yourself and your company, there are tools and best practices you can start improving your cybersecurity with today.

You are busy, but hackers are too.

Cybersecurity is a complex and ever evolving field and while we wholly recommend you take the time to build in cybersecurity practices and fully understand the threats that apply to your business and client’s data, we also understand there just sometimes isn’t the time in the day.

These tips are really the minimum you should be aware of if you are intending to maintain decent cybersecurity.

  • Tip 1Remember you are a target to hackers. Even with good protection, vulnerabilities can emerge.
  • Tip 2 - Keep your software up-to-date – it is the best way to mitigate against new vulnerabilities and exploits.
  • Tip 3 - Avoid Phishing scams - beware of suspicious emails and phone calls, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Tip 4 - Practice good password management, use 2FA (two Factor Authentication) wherever possible.
  • Tip 5 - Be careful what you click. See the #ThinkB4UClick campaign for advice.
  • Tip 6 - Never leave devices unattended or logged in.


Webinars, events, and free downloads for European Cyber Security Month

Here are some of our top picks from the European Cyber Security Awareness month programme, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. You can view the full list of events in your country or region here.  Why not help raise awareness by announcing Cyber Security Month in your workplace, printing out some of the free infographics and suggesting some of your staff attend the webinars. While you have everyone’s attention on the problem, it’s a good time to remind everyone to check and update their passwords as well!

Here are our top 7 events and freebies from the European Cyber Security Month programme:

1. itgovernanceco.uk are offering this helpful infographic which makes the threats to SME’s clear.

They say, “Many SMEs believe that only large organisations are targeted by cyber criminals. That’s not the case. The rate of cyber crime is increasing, but many organisations are still failing to prepare for the inevitable and protect themselves. Cyber attacks and data breaches are a real risk for all organisations, no matter their size.

Our free infographic demonstrates this, highlighting some of the top cyber security statistics you should be aware of.”

Download the Free Infographic: Cyber Security Statistics You Need to Know




Held over the course of one day, the event will help business leaders, individuals, community, and charitable organisations understand the rapidly changing cyber security threat landscape and provide practical tools and insights to help you respond successfully.



3. Follow @cybersecmonth on twitter for helpful bites of cyber security information.

Use the hashtags #CyberSecMonth #ThinkB4UClick #Choose2BeSafeOnline to join the conversation.


4. 20th October, Webinar: 5 simple steps to reduce your cybersecurity risk, with Melanie Oldham OBE.

Join Melanie Oldham OBE (Services to Cybersecurity) as she reveals the research showing the changing face of cybersecurity and shares the five simple steps you can take to reduce cyber risk and protect your organisation. We think CEOs, Directors, HR, and Managers will benefit most of all, but anyone and everyone in your company is welcome!




5. 26th October, Webinar: Build defence-in-depth to prevent ransomware attacks.

During this webinar, Oscar Neill (Head of Cyber Security at Brightsolid) will share how building defence-in-depth to your security posture will help to rapidly detect and remediate against ransomware threats and incidents. You’ll also learn: - A typical cyber security stack and the cyber security landscape - The common TTPs leveraged by threat actors in ransomware attacks - Guidance on assessing your critical security infrastructure - The steps to building defence-in-depth and why it’s important. Register your interest below. All registered attendees will receive a recording of the webinar.




6. Future Cyber Defence – Conference, Prague. 18th-20th

Three-day professional event - preparing a set of security panel discussions, workshops, Live Hacking Show and other expert events as the official professional accompanying programme of the international project FUTURE FORCES FORUM (FFF), enabling meeting experts and representatives of the public sector, security and armed forces to discuss key issues in the field of current and future threats and trends in information technology, cybersecurity and defence.



7. TechNet Europe 2022 - Artificial Intelligence & Cyber Security 17th-18th

Main topic: Artificial Intelligence: Indispensable for Future Planning and Execution of Military and Rescue Operations. The goal of this conference is to explore the use of Artificial Intelligence in the military, cyber defence, logistics and rescue operations as well as to provide a perspective on the global development of AI as a technology for the future of security. TechNet Europe 2022 is an official accompanying event of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union.






We hope that these events and activities inspire you into action to protect your and your client’s data and assets smarter and better.  We are also serious about taking action today, Cyber Security Month is the perfect time to take the next step towards better protection so why not book a Demo with Pie Security and find out how our email encryption tool and data compliance assessments will help your business stay secure and meet European data privacy regulations.