We're passionate about one thing, your digital security.

Here at Pie Security, our mission is to make your digital security and privacy as easy as - well, pie.

Our founders, with 75 years of combined industry experience, provide leading email hygiene, encryption and archiving solutions for business and organisations to help them comply with EU & UK privacy laws and GDPR.

And the great thing is, our solutions work in tandem with your existing providers, whether that be from Microsoft, Google or any SMTP compatible email solution, common hardware and software.

Who are we?

Pie Security is a cybersecurity solution reseller and consultancy, we help businesses meet compliance and data protection laws as well as providing digital security and peace of mind for you and your customers.  We will work directly with you to find the solution that fits your specific business needs, at whatever stage of growth your company is at.

You can rely on our combined experience and industry leading partners to know the compliance requirements for your industry and suggest the most cost effective solutions for your company.

Pie Security is managed by James Rodwell our head of sales. If you would like to talk to James about how Pie Security can help you please email him directly on james.rodwell@piesecurity.co.uk


Still confused? If you are directly selling or storing data for clients or customers or are subject to digital auditing, and you don't have any encryption or archiving in place, get in touch and we will talk through your needs in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a new challenge?

Here at Pie Security we have developed and work extensively with our partner network to deliver robust cyber security solutions to our clients.

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