We're passionate about one thing ... your email security.

Here at Pie Security, our mission is to make your email security and privacy as easy as - well, pie.

Our founders, with 75 years of combined industry experience, provide leading email hygiene and encryption solutions for business, education and government to help them comply with EU & UK privacy laws and GDPR.

And the great thing is, our email solutions work in tandem with your existing email system provider, whether that be from Microsoft, Google or any SMTP compatible email solution.

Meet Our Management Team

Dat Thrower

Dat Thrower
Non-Executive Director

Dat is a services executive with over 25 years in operational management, customer success and service delivery roles, experienced in building and developing effective service strategies and operations, optimizing the customer experience, driving customer adoption and retention and growing revenues through the provision of value-add services.

Pie Security founder - David Kennedy

David Kennedy

David is customer focused with 30 years in the IT industry, including Management, Sales, Product and Project Management. He is technically skilled and has a good knowledge of driving Business Processes. David has an insightful ability to address conflicting business needs and situations and consistently produces quality results for his clients.

Pie Security founder - Thomas Zell CTO

Thomas Zell

Thomas has 30 years of experience in product and business development related positions at various global enterprise software businesses, including Citrix.

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